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We have designed a wide range of aesthetic services to make you experience expert skincare solutions. Book your appointment with us and get skin treatment in a completely relaxed ambiance

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Customised Facials

Want to get a golden glow on your face? With the amazing properties of Gold customised treatment, you can experience the desired result. The anti-oxidant properties of gold help to fight against the toxins and the damages caused by the Sun. Hence, your skin turns into be softer, supple and radiant.

Collagen Facial

Getting tired of wrinkles, fine lines, and premature aging? Collagen facial is a complete treatment that can slow down the process of aging and rejuvenate the skin. So, now, say goodbye to skin aging and enjoy a youthful look with this special facial treatment.

Brightening Facial

Is your skin looking dull and lifeless? Our brightening facial has been exclusively formulated to revive the glow of skin. This facial treatment accelerates brightening, reduces the black spots, sun damage and improves the skin tone. As a result, you can again experience the ultimate radiance

Herbal Facial

With natural ingredients, we can make your skin healthy and glowing. Herbal facial is a combination of natural rejuvenating herbs that nourishes the skin and makes it look smooth. In addition to that, the herbs detoxify the skin and enhance blood circulation. Make your appointment with us for availing this special facial therapy.

Fruit Facial

Refresh your skin with our fruit facial treatment. The natural exfoliating agents will make your skin look gorgeous by removing all the blemishes and impurities. As this therapy improves blood circulation, it accelerates the production of new cells and you can get supple skin. Visit us today to get this facial therapy.

Skin Tag Removal

Are you experiencing small flesh-coloured or brown or pink skin growths on the skin? There's nothing to get worried about it. Our professional aestheticians can remove it by following a minimally invasive procedure. The technique is not only quick but also absolutely safe and painless. Consult with our aestheticians and deal with skin tags in an effortless way.

RF Treatment

Radiofrequency facial is a revolutionary treatment for stimulating collagen production. This treatment can effectively soften the fine lines while making the facial contours firm. As it promotes collagen production, you can experience a youthful glow for a long-lasting period. Make a consultation with our skin care experts today to get this facial treatment.

Miracle Wrinkle Filler Treatment

Want to get smooth, plump and wrinkle-free skin? With this latest treatment, you can pump up your lustreless skin. The injectable hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen production, reduces the signs of premature aging and restore fullness to the skin. Thus, bid adieu to sagging skin, smile lines, frown lines, and wrinkles.

Acne & Pimple Treatment

Acne & pimple are common skin problems that damage your self-confidence as it makes stubborn spots and visible scars on the skin. With this facial treatment, you can get rid of the unwanted spots and acne scars. Besides, this treatment soothes the congested skin while reducing inflammation.

Eye Treatment

Radiant beautiful eyes add an elegant look to your face. This exclusive treatment effectively reduces swelling, dullness, puffy eyes, and dark circle under the eyes. For better result, you can make a discussion with our experts. In this treatment, our skincare professional examines the skin around the eye and recommend the best solution for it.


Arabic Mehndi design consists of intricate floral designs. Like Indian mehndi designs, it does not cover most of the areas of the skin. Celebrate your upcoming special occasion with this elegant artwork designed by our professional mehndi artists.


Adorning hands with traditional mehndi designs is a form of art. With artistic sense and creativity, our mehndi artists make unique artworks that will be simply stunning. To get wedding special extraordinary Mehndi artworks, book your appointment with us.


It is one of the attractive and alluring Mehndi designs crafted with artistic skills. The glitter adds a shiny look to the design and makes this body adornment stunning. Choose the design according to your own choice to adorn your hands.


This art form looks simple yet attractive. Tribal mehndi designs are not as complicated as Indian Mehndi designs. To adorn your beautiful hands with this design, visit our parlour.


It is a traditional form of body art where a paste is used made of dried leaves of the henna plant. The rich cherry red colour adds a definition to your hand. You can make contact with our expert henna artists for your Mehndi ceremony.

Eye Brow Threading

Threading is one of the ancient hair removal techniques. threading is a common procedure for shaping eyebrows. As it removes the eyebrow hairs from its roots, you can get smooth skin with perfect brow shape.

Upper & Lower lips Threading

With the help of threading, you can easily get rid of unwanted hairs grown on upper & lower part of lips. It's not only a safe procedure but also the quickest method to remove the facial hair.

Full face Threading

Do you want to get rid of unwanted facial hairs with the lowest effort? Threading can be the best solution for you as it is 100 % safe, minimum discomfort, effective and results in making skin satin soft.

Natural Henna Hair Colouring

Colour your hair with an organic product by using Henna powder. In this process, we use the finest quality and non-toxic henna powder to make you get the highest benefits from it. This natural product not only adds a light brown colour to your hair but also turns it into soft, smooth, silky and shiny.

Hair Colouring

Want to add a special look to your hair? Highlight dull hair with colour to make it attractive. Our experts use only premium quality colours that will last long without damaging the hair.

Henna Hair Treatment

Are you getting tired of dealing with dull, dry and rough hair? Henna hair treatment will be the perfect solution for you. It has lots of benefits including reducing hair fall, eliminating dandruff, promoting hair growth and making hair more softer, healthier and shiny.


Waxing is one of the popular hair removal treatments that ensures smooth and satin-soft skin. Our waxing therapists are expert in removing unwanted hair with the proper procedure while minimizing discomfort. By using strips, finest quality hot wax, and hygiene standard, we can make you experience the best solution. Book your appointment with us today for luxury waxing!